Data Collection

Data collection is the process of gathering information from target group in a systematic manner.

Evolution Research collect quantitative & qualitative data through surveys using paper & pencil, telephonic, CAPI, CATI, CAWI and online technics, interviews and focus groups

Data Processing & Analysis

Evolution Research offers Data Processing and Analysis services for Market Research companies including data validation, data tabulation, data conversion, data labeling and charting

Survey Programming & Hosting

We support our client with their requirement of survey programming and hosting with our highly experienced programming team.

Evolution Research provide solution to our client in survey programming & hosting for CATI, CAWI & CAPI.                                                                       

Open end / Verbatim Coding

Evolution Research provides open end coding service to our clients and provide the coded data in Excel, SPSS or ASCII format

Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping process objectively measures the customer's experience by simulating a customer visit to your store, restaurant, branch or any such location. Mystery shoppers who match the profile of your target audience visit locations secretly as customers, and measure the key parameters of their experience on objective and subjective parameters.